Your path to a stronger marriage

The Journey to Us marriage experience is an interactive event that provides you with practical tools to help you navigate the ups and downs of married life with confidence and grace.

This event addresses real issues faced by Canadian couples, offering sound and practical advice rooted in Christian principles. Gain support and guidance to navigate the challenges of married life.

Years of marital wisdom, one interactive event

Drawing from proven counselling knowledge and experience, these marriage conferences and retreats will guide you and your spouse through discussions and exercises aimed at uncovering hidden obstacles in both your heart and your spouse’s.

By the end, you’ll have valuable skills to deepen communication and foster a stronger, even healthier marriage.

Every Couple’s Journey: Nurturing Strong Marriages

The Journey to Us marriage program is designed for couples at any stage of married life – whether you’re newlyweds or you’ve hit a comfortable rhythm in your marriage. Our conferences and retreats offer helpful and relevant advice grounded in biblically based, psychologically sound truth.

Learn from Couples Who’ve Walked the Path

Led by marriage experts in loving, long-lasting marriages, you and your spouse will learn from those who truly understand the joys and trials of married life and are passionate about helping you build a thriving relationship that reflects God’s plan. Trained in Focus on the Family’s biblically based, psychologically sound marriage principles, our speakers – usually a husband-and-wife team or two experts married to others – guide you in maintaining a strong, healthy and fulfilling marriage.

What to expect

Every Journey to Us experience is packed with six impactful sessions that teach effective principles of thriving marriages. You’ll get to workshop what you learn and make real-time changes to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Session 1

Session 1

Building a Safe and Secure Marriage

Create a better understanding of what you and your spouse need from each other to ensure a safe and secure marriage, fostering fun, passion, intimacy and effortless connection.

Session 2

Session 2

Learning How to Have Healthy Conflict

Discover how to navigate any marital conflict you may face and how to identify things that can cause disagreements to spiral out of control, stopping them before they happen.

Session 3

Session 3

Working Through Conflict With the Care Cycle

Learn how to acknowledge both your feelings and your spouse’s in the midst of conflict and discover how to invite God into your conversations.

Session 4

Session 4

Practising Self-Care in Marriage

Discover how the Healthy Marriage Model enables you and your spouse to take personal responsibility for your own emotional, spiritual, physical and mental needs.

Session 5

Session 5

Deepening Intimacy Through Heart Talk

Learn to engage in heart-to-heart conversations that create deep connection and understanding between you and your spouse.

Session 6

Session 6

Becoming Teammates Through Work Talk

Discover how to work through decisions and changes in your marriage by communicating in a way that ensures win-win solutions for you and your spouse.


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Real stories, real results

It was the best at every level. Even the hosts were amazing. We have been to multiple retreats, but this one was freeing for me and gives me renewed hope to breath new life into our marriage. Thank you for this amazing gift!

I enjoyed the games, videos and personal stories. Thank you for your vulnerability. Really enjoyed this weekend.

Great value to anyone who wants a loving marriage!

The facilitators were a delight to listen to. Their knowledge and insight was awesome. They were at ease which put their audience at ease.

The session teaching by Wayne and Eveline was excellent. They were engaging, open and honest presenters. They answered difficult questions and sought to provide care to those couples where the answers were hard to hear.

Glad we decided to do this, even in our 50th year of marriage! Encouraging event! Thank you for the very nice gift!

It truly felt like a retreat: restful, restorative, enlightening. My cup is full! Thank you! 😊

Overall the material was very useful, well presented. Especially appreciated the part about our individual value and how God sees us. Thank you so much for your work in this ministry!

It was the best marriage seminar I’ve attended! Gave me hope!

I feel like I’ve learned healthy ways to communicate through conflict. When our children get married I will be purchasing this retreat for them as a wedding gift. Everyone should attend!

I can think of a million couples that can benefit from this. Thanks for being faithful servants in saving marriages.

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